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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 18, 2017 5:00am-5:03am CET

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coming out these rights considering that an absence of want to call most most crime yet sas thoughts. he's going to have to go somewhere every day and sees more and more rubbish each time the pursuit gives me everything out of the way as the wind i have to give something back i feel obliged and in a way it was when we seemed to many of us are just. white waves surfers fighting against unseen pollution in the sea starting january seventh on the w. . conservatives the best in pinero has one chill is presidential election by why don't forecast margin he pledged to jumpstart economic growth and bring in more business friendly policies than his sense of left previous s.-a his opponent alexandra yeah a center left former journalists quickly conceded defeat. a suicide attack on
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a church in pakistan has left nine people dead and dozens wounded militants targeted a methodist church in question in the west of the country hundreds of worship those were inside. the so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility. canadian police say the pharmaceutical billionaire and his wife found dead at the toronto home have been strangled barry sherman seen here in a low battery of his company up attacks made his money from manufacturing generic drugs homicide team has now taken over the investigation. friends. has broken the record for sailing solo around the world dozens of vessels escorted him into the french port of breast after a journey of forty two days and sixteen hours more than six days faster than the previous record set by another frenchman only last year said he had been lucky with the weather.
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images from an isolated country. images from north korea. any telling photographer captured fascinating shots of everyday life in a regimented society. an exclusive peek behind one of the last iron curtain it's. a north korean diary starting december twenty eighth on d w. d distress cheer living in terrible in human conditions of moriah refugee camp there are over six thousand people at the camp right now.